Standard DJ Setup and Operation Method Statement
Scope of work

This document defines the procedures to be used when installing, operating and de-rig a mobile disco.

Schedule of Equipment Required

The following equipment may be used when carrying out this work; sound and lighting equipment including stands and auxiliary equipment as required.

Safety Statement

A visual inspection of all electrical equipment for signs of damage/ wear to be made before use. This will include power cords, extension leads Cnd plugs. All supporting equipment including stands Cnd rigging to be inspected before use for signs of damage. All work to be carried out within the provision of the health & safety at Work Act, regulations & Approved Codes of practice latest editions. Tools and equipment will be controlled at all times. No power tools will be present. All hand tools to be the correct size and type and be in a good state of repair. All portable electrical appliances to be tested Cs required by The Electricity Ct Work regulations 1989.

Method of Delivery

Unload equipment from road vehicle and transport to function room. Method of unloading; by hand, use of trolley/hand cart/portable ramps as required. storage of equipment and materials on-site equipment, materials and transport cases stored on-site will be by Agreement with the venue and client. please note; there are no materials used which can be described as hazardous, flammable, caustic or explosive. Any such materials would be documented and referred to in additional paperwork in compliance with COSH And a specific risk Assessment. All equipment is installed temporarily, no permanent alterations to the fabric of the venue should be necessary. cable infrastructure at floor level to be held down with high-quality cloth-backed tape. Where out in the open, cables will be completely covered, where against a wall cable will be “spot” held to prevent movement. Where crossing Access points, hazard tape to be overlaid to highlight possible trip hazards. cable runs should keep clear of escape routes but where unavoidable should be run at a higher level over door frames, the venues cooperation in cable management is required as a method of cable fixing may be needed to secure cables at this level. All suspended equipment should have an independent safety bond in addition to its primary means of suspension.

Demarcation Requirements

During the installation of equipment, the venue will be a worksite and Access should be restricted to those who have a specific purpose in the preparation of the event. Side meetings between guests in the venue after the event should be discouraged as this will delay installation and de-rigging and is ultimately a potential safety issue, as the venue returns to a work site.

First Aid & Emergency Procedures

The operator will familiarise themselves with emergency evacuation routes within the venue. The venue will supply fire extinguishers or other fire fighting equipment in accordance to Health & safety guidelines, no additional equipment is required.